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Hi there,
I’m Deepa Bhatnagar

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About me

The study of Chemistry has always inspired me. I studied for a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry at Miranda House college at University of Delhi in India but ended up joining a career in banking and finance excelling over the years in various other fields such as consulting and lecturing in elite business schools and banking colleges in India. 

I started teaching GCSE and A-Level Chemistry in UK as a hobby initially but I was completely smitten by the sense of fulfilment teaching filled my life with. The drastic improvement in academic performance of my students alongside the joy of helping them reach their true potential, made me pursue teaching of Chemistry, generally regarded as one of the hardest subjects at A-level. on a full-time basis as a Tutor. 

I have developed a robust and well-tested curriculum and methods of teaching and have access to the best resources for practice, which have resulted in exemplary improvement in each of my students' academic performance, helping them to get into prestigious courses within Medicine, Engineering, Law and Computer Sciences at university.

I sincerely believe that teaching is a truly rewarding pursuit. It enables me to share the knowledge painstakingly acquired through years of hard work. It widens my worldview through interactions with countless young students from different backgrounds. Above all, it makes me sincerely happy and a more content person. Over the last ten years I have taught more than 180 A-Level and GCSE/IGCSE students. Most GCSE/IGCSE students of mine so far have achieved a grade 9/A*. Each of my A level students has shown a remarkable improvement in their scores, which have moved from C/D to A and A*.

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